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About us is a text loan application panel. We help you apply for ‘Text Loan service’ activation on your mobile phone - simple and fast. This website is affiliated with the fast paying short term cash loan lenders in the UK. All the applications submitted on this website are forwarded to the leading short term credit lenders. So, you get the benefit of reaching out to all these lenders by filling only one form.

The difference in applying to these lenders directly or through our loan matching service is that the chances of your loan approval are higher when you apply through us. It also takes less time and effort. Even if you have bad credit history you have better chances for approval through using this website panel. For example, when we share your application with multiple lenders, they compete amongst each other in order to win over your loan account. You get the benefit of receiving competitive deals in lesser time. Once you have collected these quotations, just carefully review and compare all the offers before making your decision. You might also like checking out expert advice on how to compare loan quotations. This would really help you make right and profitable decision.

If you do not receive any quotation in next few hours of submitting your application, one of the reasons for this could be due to mistakes in filling your details into the form. So, it is always advisable to crosscheck all your details before submitting the form. In some cases lenders do contact to verify incorrect information. But this would mean increasing your processing time.

In case you do not receive any response at all, then there might be chances of your application not being approved. The reason could be anywhere around being non eligible or having high number of defaults in past or more. We are not involved in the application process, so cannot suggest the actual reason for non approval of your application.

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